Burlesque Life is a project I started in 2015. It shows Burlesque stars in their everyday life, casual outfit, with no makeup on, contrasted with a full-makeup stage-look. Yet it is not about the transformation itself. The purpose here is to show that Burlesque Performers often have different/ common jobs, work in public institutions, banks, offices, follow the established code of conduct. A sort of double life – as we all do in a way – one showing to the public – other keeping to oneself – which is which?

At times, they devote only to the burlesque life, building self-consciousness, self awareness, the right to show our bodies as they are. By using the stage they create a new persona – often discover the deepest realms – either diving deep into ourselves or facing fears and provoking certain ideas. 

Burlesque itself has different faces – from glittery, purely entertaining one to the one touching serious social, sometimes political issues. Here, I present you performers from all over the world with different on and off stage looks.

How would you create your-stage-self?


Catrice Cat – Slovakia 2015 (Full time Burlesque Performer)

Lotta Love – Slovakia 2015  (Marketing Manager)

Red Herring – the USA 2015 (Full time Burlesque Performer)

Red Juliette (Dancer & Full time Burlesque Performer)

Coco de Chocolate – Poland 2016 (Corporate worker)