London Burlesque Festival open day

FREE London Burlesque Festival Daytime event was held on Saturday 18th May at Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Rd W12.

Vendors and companies present at the event:

Burlesque Map, LipStick Ink, Holloway Smith Noir, Lady Beauclerk, Dress Me Up and Shoot Me, Cake Follies, Burlesquasana, Tasseled Empress, Candy Bell Designs, Valeria Agostini Millinery, Fantastic Baby, Mind Like Magpie, Fairheadsheadwear, Bulletproof Pasties, New Vintage Clothing & More!

Fashion show



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2 thoughts on “London Burlesque Festival open day

  1. fottoo Post author

    Różne firmy:

    Fascynatory: Mind Like Magpie, kostiumy: Antonina Lynch, akcesoria: The Tasseled Empress, Valeria Agostini 🙂

    Bardzo inspirujące!


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