“Defragmented Body” – Część projektu poświęconego tematyce kobiecego ciała. Kieruje uwagę na wzorce kobiecego piękna kreowane przez media, często powodujące nieakceptowanie własnego ciała, frustrację, depresję i brak wiary we własne siły. Defragmented body to ciało w kawałkach, poddane chirurgii plastycznej, w rozpadzie zewnętrznym i wewnętrznym… jak fotografia sama w sobie. [2011, film analogowy]

“Defragmented Body” – Part of the project focusing on women’s bodies. It draws attention to the canon of beauty created by the Media, often causin dissatisfaction with our own bodies, frustration, depression and lack of self-love and self-confidence. Defragmented body is a body in pieces, after plastic surgeries, in internal and external decay … like the photography itself [2011, analog camera, agfa]

defragmented body


“Stop abusing” – a 2011 project concerning objectification of women’s bodies.

Model: Anna Dynowska



“Painkiller” 2013

We have to deal with all sorts of pain, physical, mental, heartaches…

But the worst thing is when you see no hope. When your life stops. Your plans, work, love, everything is gone. We appreciate things only when they are lost. The girl is a former athlete after a motocycle accident. Ironically, the thing she had loved the most almost killed her. Suffering, recovering long months, looking for inner strength to live on, start dreaming again…